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Halloween Candy Corn Spike Fursuit Collar [SOLD AS-IS]

Halloween Candy Corn Spike Fursuit Collar [SOLD AS-IS]

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For this years spooky month I decided to create some one-of-a-kind halloween themed collars! This listing is for the candy corn collar. It is listed for sale "as-is" due to the buckle cracking after the whole collar was assembled. It is priced to reflect this defect. The buckle still functions just fine and I am attempting to glue and clamp it back together to fix the crack. This collar is also an experiment due to the 3D printed plastic spikes as I have not tested them before. 

The collar only has a small amount of adjustability, as it cannot be fully adjustable due to the spikes.

Width: 2" wide

Maximum fit: 27"

Minimum fit: 25"

Designed for occasional wear and light use. Not intened for rough treatment. Hand wash with cold water and light detergent and hang to dry. There may be remaining light blue marks on the collar. This is from a washable fabric marking pen and will disspear with water. 

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