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Halloween Pumpkin Overload Fursuit Collar with Charm

Halloween Pumpkin Overload Fursuit Collar with Charm

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For this years spooky month I decided to create some one-of-a-kind halloween themed collars! This listing is for the pumpkin overload collar. This collar features adorable pumpkin fabric and a simple plastic Jack-O-Lantern charm that is removable (if you'd like) as well as beautiful black topstitching  and orange and black hardware.

This collar is fully adjustable and has a large size range.

Width: 2" wide

Maximum fit: 31.5"

Minimum fit: 19.5"

Designed for semi-often wear and is quite durable other than the plastic charm. Hand wash with cold water and light detergent and hang to dry. There may be remaining light blue marks on the collar. This is from a washable fabric marking pen and will disspear with water. 

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